This general chemistry "text" was written by Emily V Eames for use in her classes. It is probably ideal as a supplement to a standard textbook. It includes both "overview" sections, providing summaries of most important info, and "story" sections, providing richer knowledge of history and applications. Story sections are indicated with bold font.


Chemiatria is a free online system to help you study chemistry. It's a work in progress, but right now it will help you practice vocabulary and nomenclature, become familiar with the most commom elements and polyatomic ions, recognize significant figures, and perhaps a few other things.

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Click the categories (like "Scientific Basics") to hide the topics under them. Click again to show the topics. If you have trouble with the site or suggestions, let me know and I will try to make it better.

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The Periodic Table

Periodic Table with Energies of Atomic Orbitals

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